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Some books to curl up with…… and a few to inform and revive

Just a few of the many suggestions we have for you – please do get in touch or pop in to see us if you would like more ideas.

Tales from the Café: before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

This coffee shop offers its customers something a bit different: the chance to travel back in time so they can face up to something in their past and move on with their futures. As well as the interesting characters we meet in the café, the book prompts an interesting question: what would you change if you could go back?

You can buy this book from our bookshop or through our page by clicking: Tales from the Cafe

Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees

Full of secrets and ‘vices’ that must inevitably be revealed, this whimsical tale is a both a gentle allegory and an intriguing story about what happens when the ‘solid’ land of Lud rejects the ‘other’ land of Faerie.

You can buy this book from the bookshop or from our page by clicking: Lud-in-the-Mist

Army Girls by Tessa Dunlop

This book brings together a series of fascinating stories, told by women who fought in the Second World War. It would be many decades before women officially entered front line combat roles, but these women were nevertheless vital to the war effort and many saw action, whether as truck drivers, coastal guns operators or on clandestine missions in occupied France. One of my grandmothers was one of these women in khaki; I’m glad Tessa Dunlop has told their tales.

You can buy this book from us from our bookshop or from our page by clicking: Army Girls

Thirteen Ways to Smell a Tree by David George Haskell

We are certified tree enthusiasts in this bookshop, so a book that explores the subject of trees and people through that powerful but often overlooked sense of smell was a must for us. Just take a moment to conjure up the evocative smells of…. woodsmoke, fresh pine needles, stringent eucalyptus earthy autumn leaves, calming linden blossom and aromatic bay. A rich tonic for all the senses

You can buy this book from us from our bookshop or from our page by clicking: Thirteen Ways to Smell a Tree


A couple of recommendations from BOOKMARK, guaranteed to enliven any book club discussion

The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles

Intricate and moving, this life-affirming, coming-of-age road-trip epic is set in 1950s America. It tells the tale of Emmett, a juvenile offender who has served his time at a work farm and has been released, and some of his fellow inmates, who escaped detention and who alter the course of Emmett’s life.

You can buy this book from our bookshop or from our page by clicking: The Lincoln Highway

The Appeal by Janice Hallett

A murder takes place and a person is sentenced; however, the QC isn’t convinced about their guilt and sets two law students the task of reviewing the case. The book is unusual in that it is told through emails, letters and texts, rather than a more usual narrative style, but I reckon it will be a must for the sleuths amongst us.

You can buy this book from our bookshop or from our page by clicking: The Appeal

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