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Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Set in 1950s America, Elizabeth Zott is a brilliant and beautiful chemist. She overcomes tragedy, misogyny, plagiarism and social prejudice at every turn. But as her academic career stalls an unlikely TV career blossoms. The story delivers power punches of emotion and tension, lightened with just the right amount of humour and the exceptional observations of Elizabeth’s fabulous dog, Six-Thirty.

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Paper Cup by Karen Campbell

This book won the 2023 BOOKMARK Book of the Year Award. Kelly is living a precarious, desperately raw life on the streets of Glasgow, when a chance encounter sets her on a path of physical and redemptive pilgrimage towards her home town in Dumfriesshire. There’s guilt, loathing, kindness and love; there are baddies, brilliant pals and a dog called Collieflower. It’s a book that gets under your skin.

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Absolutely and Forever by Rose Tremain

Here we have the first-love story of teenagers Marianne Clifford and Simon Hurst, as they start out in life, still under the influence of their families, and of course subject to the vagaries of fate. Set in Chelsea and Paris, in the 1960s, it has all the brilliancy of Tremain’s emotionally deft writing.

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Miss Blaine's Prefect and the Gondola of Doom by Olga Wojtas

This is the fourth outing for the enthusiastic, highly accomplished (occasionally clueless), time-travelling, librarian-cum-detective, Shona. This time she is in Venice, investigating the watery disappearance of a number of unfortunate gondolier passengers. Can she solve the clues in time? Always a fun and welcome, escapist delight.

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The Fabulous Frances Farquharson by Caroline Young

In this biography, we get to meet Frances Farquharson – and yes, she is fabulous. Born in 1902, in Seattle, Frances travelled to Europe to pursue a career in journalism. Surviving severe injury in a house fire that killed her first husband, she married the 16th Laird of Invercauld in 1949, heralding the start of her life in the Highlands. A remarkable woman and an interesting life.

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Impossible Creatures by Katherine Rundell

Christopher’s world is suddenly overrun by an avalanche of mythical creatures, as the spells that had kept them protected wear thin. He and a mysterious girl, Mal, are caught up in an urgent quest to find the truth. Imaginative, marvellous fantasy at its best.

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An Amazing History Atlas of Scotland by David MacPhail

This fascinating historical atlas takes readers on a tour through time and place. From the glaciers of the ice age to the settlers of the neolithic. From the Viking invaders and Jacobite supporters, to the great Enlightenment thinkers. From the Highlands, Lowlands and Islands to Scotland’s crofts, castles and cities. Fun and facts galore!

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