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Some books for Autumn

A time of fabulous colours, darkening evenings, mists and murk. A time to put aside the frantic activity of summer and settle into a comfy chair by the fire with a good book.

Very British Weather

Weather is of course a year-round topic, but the changing seasons seem to heighten our love-hate fascination with it. Very British Weather (Met Office) gives us an insight into all manner of weather phenomenon, including the rare formation of hair ice – you can find hair ice on rotting twigs and branches at the Den of Alyth  in the right conditions. Alternatively, you could hone your forecasting skills with Introducing Meteorology: a guide to the weather (by Jon Shonk): this gem of a book is science-based, highly accessible and hugely interesting.

You can buy these books from us through our page by clicking: Introducing Meteorology and  Very British Weather

Stash Knitting by Emma Osmond

Once you’ve mastered the vagaries of the weather, what about a crafting project? Weekend Makes: Stash Knitting  has some great projects from hats and scarves to cushions and hot-water bottle covers. If textiles are more your thing, you might like to try Use Scraps, Sew Blocks, Make 100 Quilts by Stuart Hillard. My own fabric stash isn’t going to run to 100, but I’m sure there’s scope for one.

You can buy these books from us through our page by clicking: Stash Knitting and Use Scraps, Sew Blocks, Make 100 Quilts

Carve the Runes by George Mackay Brown

Autumn also brings us National Poetry Day on the 7th October. There are many collections to recommend, but it seems particularly apt to suggest a new collection of the poems of George Mackay Brown (this year marks his centenary and the 25th anniversary of his death): Carve the Runes. Orkney was his home and inspiration and his words vividly portray his community and its many characters. We also recommend a new collection of poems and writings celebrating George Mackay Brown and published this autumn in Beyond the Swelkie, edited by Jim Mackintosh and Paul S Philippou.

You can buy these books from us through our page by clicking: Beyond the Swelkie and  Carve the Runes

Luckenbooth by Jenni Fagan

With the mists swirling and Halloween approaching, we also thought a couple of atmospheric tales might be just the thing. The first is a classic: Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn – plenty of nefarious goings on the Cornish moors in this tale of smuggling and murder. The second, just new out in paperback, is Jenni Fagan’s Luckenbooth. Inventive, dark and disturbing, the tale is set in No 10 Luckenbooth Court: when the tenement is cursed by the devil’s daughter, a century of chilling misfortune unfolds for its residents. Confession: I kept all the lights on when reading both of these books!

You can buy these books from us through our page by clicking: Luckenbooth and Jamaica Inn

BOOKMARK Book of the Year Award 2021: two of the six on this year’s short-list

Of Stone and Sky by Merryn Glover

‘How do we steward the land for the good of the earth and all its creatures?’
A Cairngorm community is stunned by the disappearance of its shepherd, Colvin Munro, who leaves behind him a trail of 12 possessions. Unsettling revelations from the past upset the present but new ideas and initiatives either threaten the future of this land and its residents or provide exciting opportunities, depending on the point of view. This debut novel addresses important issues and gives us strong characters and a gripping story.
You can see more about the BOOKMARK award at: BOOKMARK Book of the Year 2021

You can buy this book from us through our page by clicking: Of Stone and Sky

The Great Godden by Meg Rosoff

During a family holiday in Cornwall, the happy atmosphere of a large family who are planning a wedding is upset by the arrival of the two Godden brothers: the alluring and charming Kit and the morose, solitary Hugo. The change in atmosphere – from easy, if chaotic, to threatening and dangerous – is narrated by the most overlooked member of the large family. A terrific, unputdownable narrative which takes more than a few unexpected twists and turns. A book for young and not-so-young adults.

Also shortlisted for the Indie 2021 Book Awards, you can see more about the BOOKMARK award at: BOOKMARK Book of the Year 2021

You can buy this book from us through our page by clicking: The Great Godden

Our friends at Bookmark also publish their own recommendations each month ( – we either have these books in stock or can order them in if any happen to catch your eye.