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Some books to curl up with….

Just a few of the many suggestions we have for you – please do get in touch or pop in to see us if you would like more ideas.

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Key in the Lock by Beth Underdown

Reminiscent of Daphne Du Maurier in its Cornish setting and voice, the story spans events in the late 1880s and the First World War. It’s twisty and captivating: a story of loss, love, hope and the devastating impact of lies and bias.

You can buy this book from our bookshop or through our page by clicking: The Key in the Lock

A Tidy Ending by Joanna Cannon

Don’t be fooled by the suburban, domestic setting. This is a twisty story of a daughter’s relationship with a beloved father, the damage inflicted by a deep psychological trauma and…. No, I cannot give anymore away, except to say I truly did not see that end coming!

You can buy this book from us from our bookshop or from our page by clicking: A Tidy Ending.

Written in Bone by Sue Black

Winner of the CWA Gold Dagger for Non-Fiction, and new out in paperback. Professor Dame Sue Black, world-renowned forensic anthropologist, takes the reader through the body – from head to toe – reconstructing cases where bones were able to reveal the truth of what had happened to the deceased. Gruesome in places, it is also immensely fascinating and informative.

You can buy this book from us from our bookshop or from our page by clicking: Written in Bone.

Solve Your Own Mystery: The Monster Maker by Gareth P. Jones

A brilliant book for kids, with endless possibilities! Following a fiendish crime, the reader plays the role of the detective, choosing which clues to follow and what happens next in this puzzling and hugely entertaining mystery (age: 7+).

You can buy this book from us from our bookshop or from our page by clicking: Solve Your Own Mystery: The Monster Maker.

And when you’ve solved that case – here’s another equally entertaining mystery to work out: Solve Your Own Mystery: The Time Thief

A couple of recommendations from BOOKMARK, guaranteed to enliven any book club discussion

Rose Nicolson by Andrew Greig

This story has it all. Set in the immediate aftermath of the Scottish Reformation, when Queen Mary has fled and her heir, Jamie, is but a boy, this is a tale of menace, conspiracy and high politics. For our protagonist, Will Fowler, it is also a tale of love, friendship and derring-do.

You can buy this book from our bookshop or from our page by clicking: Rose Nicolson.

The paperback is out in June: Rose Nicolson paperback.

Miss Blaine's Prefect & The Weird Sisters by Olga Wojtas

As hilarious and creative as Olga’s first two books: Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Golden Samovar and Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Vampire Menace. In this outing, our stalwart, time-travelling librarian, Shona (proud former pupil of the Marcia Blaine School for Girl), is sent off on her third mission, involving Macbeth, the Weird Sisters and a black cat. What can possibly go wrong – maybe the bit where an angry witch turns you into a mouse?

You can buy this book from the bookshop or from our page by clicking: Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Weird Sisters.

You can find more BOOKMARK recommendations at – we either have these books in stock or can order them in if any happen to catch your eye.